Pure Herbal Sojat Rajasthani Henna Powder

Pure Herbal Henna powder made with freshly picked, dried and grinded leaves. We use the finest quality powders for the perfect non-clumpy paste. 

Fresh and small molecular size particles promote excellent color and effective deep conditioning along with all natural benefits of henna. 

Its all-natural, raw, vegan, and gluten-free Henna Hair Dye is a life saver for people who are sensitive to chemicals or for someone who wants to say no to harsh chemicals.

Suitable for all hair types in men and women.

Get natural goodness with lots of love in every package. This cruelty -free pure henna powder has no ammonia, metallic, artificial colors, fragrances, chemicals, and preservatives. 

When it comes to henna, there are plenty of brands out there, but quality in small batches & integrity, customer review is what sets us apart. 

Does not dye Dark Hair, dyes gray hair to red/orange. Use Herbal touch up from Pia Beauty Squad for darker brown and black color for hair. Supports Men’s Beards and Hair – Our henna hair powder can also be used to help even out colors in a man’s beard or mustache to help diminish the appearance of gray.


150 grams
Henna powder (Lawsonia Inermis)

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1 review for Pure Herbal Sojat Rajasthani Henna Powder

  1. Priya Kapoor

    The best henna i have ever tried, fast color more then that i see huge improvement in hair quality and hair fall and shiny. thank you Pia beauty squad.

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Henna powder (Lawsonia Inermis)

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