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All the products at PIA Beauty Squad are hand-made and handcrafted with love and a lot of experience based on customer feedback. They are neither lab-tested nor FDA approved. These products are not intended to provide diagnosis, treatment, cure or medical advice. Contact your healthcare professional promptly should you have any health-related questions. Never disregard or delay medical advice based upon the information you read on any social media or web. PIA Beauty Squad produces all herbal natural products with true ingredients (to the best of our knowledge) but someone can be allergic to even water. Individuals are different and may react differently to different products. We recommend a patch test on a small area before product use and wait for 24 hours. If any negative reaction including but not limited to rash, redness, itching, burning, soreness, scaling, allergic reaction, watery eyes, irritation, sensitivity may occur, stop continuing the use of the product and contact your physician immediately. As a seller, we won’t take responsibility for any negative reaction. By purchasing any of the products you are consenting to the above statements.  Please read instructions on product labels before use. Do not ingest. For external use only. As a word of caution do not use any product on infected or irritated or damaged skin or the skin underlying issues. If you are sensitive to any of the ingredients listed you must look for alternative products or request for customized versions of the product or skip using it. Comments and reviews of our users are true and unsolicited; it’s their testimonies made in their language after using products and services. These are not claims made by us.

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