My Story

Be Happy, Be Natural and  successful because 

You can’t be successful, if you can’t make people feel happy (in any way)

You can’t make anyone, happy if you are not happy,

you can’t be happy until you are natural/real just like a baby’s refreshing smile.

To be natural, do things which make you happy naturally (possibly not profitable) and adopt concepts that are natural and not harmful to anyone!

Hi, I am Priyanka (Priya). Thank you for reading my story. I live in Plano, Taxes, United States. I am born and brought up in Udaipur/Rajasthan/India I am the mom of 2 wonderful boys (8 years & 20 months).

Education wise I am bachelors of science, masters of Public Administration and MBA. Explored 9-5 for 10 years. I tested entrepreneurship at a very early age. Desire of having great hair & skin inspired me and Harshita(my sister) for HOME REMEDIES. We used milk as cleanser, lemon / rose water as toner. Being socially skilled, Harshita got us a lot of opportunities to work as freelancers for make ups, facials, product expos, workshops for Artistry, Ayur, Elle18 and lakme. Learnt cosmetology & Ayurveda in India and US. I have served many women for makeup, facials, hair packs. Every time I heard someone complaining  I did a Google search in my brain to get a natural solution to reduce her efforts that can save her time/money/side effects of using chemicals. 

The passion of serving & entrepreneurship was so high I have done home services. The convenience for clients and the results they loved made it really easy for me to get loads of work. 

My Principals of business

Every client is equally precious and important who is paying $10 or $100. 

In the word business- there is reason why S is present repeatedly- because it’s all about

Satisfaction of your clients, satisfaction of your team. The third and last S is my own satisfaction as OWNER. I strive to perform and keep these three S’s in place.

A milestone in my hair story- I started getting gray hairs after my first son was born. Like a common busy american mom box colors from stores came very handy and became part of my grocery list. Pretty soon I was using root touch every 2 weeks. Losing a lot of hair! That’s where I got really scared of losing everything and coloring every week.

I decided to SWITCH…

I tried Henna, indigo. My hair was becoming even more dry and brittle. Finally after trials & mixing blend of oils with homemade serums helped to enhance the color and conditioning instead of dryness.

My grays stopped growing and they are the same today like they were 6 year ago. I do different hair packs with Henna every 5-6 weeks. I use different types of oil  All in 1 herbal hair oil, TFL, Onion oil.

With effect my hairs grow back 7-8 inches. Today I have thicker hair than ever. They are smooth, shiny, black to brown in color and my mom loves them.

There is a slight difference between buried and being planted.

During the years of home services i felt i am buried. (In Spite of Being educated with bachelor’s and master’s and MBA I was working so hard). But that laid the foundation of “PIA BEAUTY SQUAD. We are a squad of self made women to help the women to become self made. 

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